The Great Chain of Being

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One medieval idea that carries over into Renaissance art and literature is the Great Chain of Being, the notion that every living thing has a specific rank in the divine scheme of things. Think of it as an early take on the class system.

Also known as “The Great Chain of Being,” this system had religious roots and pictured beings rising in a linear order, starting with inanimate minerals, and.

In their 1936 work, The Great Chain of Being: The History of an Idea, the scholars E. M. W. Tillyard and A. O. Lovejoy argued that ancient and medieval thought.

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 · Our persistence in placing ourselves at the top of the Great Chain of Being suggests we have some deep psychological need to see ourselves as the culmination of creation.

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 · E. M. W. Tillyard in The Elizabethan World Picture (1942), as well as Arthur Lovejoy in The Great Chain of Being (1936), argue that much of philosophical and religious opinions during the Renaissance can be explained by Elizabethans’ belief in the “Great Chain of Being.” So check out those books for more in-depth content.

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