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 · Physician home loans make it easier for them to qualify. The down payment is typically 10 percent or less, with no private mortgage insurance required.

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But if you pay down the same amount monthly as the physician mortgage (,520.06), you will pay off your mortgage in less than 19 years instead of 30. Over the life of the loan, you will pay $112,243 in interest, a savings of nearly $135,000 in interest over the doctor loan option.

Doctors get all the good stuff: highly communicable diseases, giant student loan debt, and around-the-clock work responsibilities. In seriousness, doctors are heroes — and mortgage lenders have caught on that student loan debt can be incredibly crippling to doctors when it comes to obtaining a home loan.. Read More


Being a Physician focused mortgage team in Colorado, we understand your unique situation. From the time you apply for your physician loan, to the big day you sign closing documents and get the keys to your new home, the entire loan process is managed and overseen in our office by our specially trained and experienced staff.

Specialty Loans. This adjustable-rate mortgage product (ARM) allows for financing on distinctive properties ranging from $453,101 to $3M. ARM periods are available with an initial fixed rate of 5, 7, or 10 years. Your flagstar bank financial craftsman can offer jumbo products that require a minimum down payment of 10%.1.

Specialist lender Kensington has unveiled its new ‘hero mortgage’, which allows certain essential public sector workers to borrow up to five times their annual income to purchase a home. To qualify.

We have done 10s of thousands of mortgages specifically for Doctors. Simply because we offer the best mortgage program specifically for doctors. Our loan officers are among the most highly trained in.

Getting a mortgage if you are employed as a Surgeon, Doctor, Nurse, ambulance services or any other part of the National Health Service. Carers might also take on a similar self-employed’ approach with the work underpinned by a one or a series of zero‘ hour contracts. nurses could be work for an agency bank’ nurses. This mixture of income streams and structures can be difficult to decipher and put.

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Your credit scores and payment history carry more weight in getting approved for a mortgage than ever. If you’ve had some rough times in your credit past but feel like the storm has cleared and you.