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 · Change Your Story, Change Your Perception, Change Your Life “Everything you see or hear or experience in any way at all is specific to you. You create a universe by perceiving it, so everything in the universe you perceive is specific to you.” – Douglas Adams. We all get caught up in our stories. Most of us think we are our stories. It’s when those stories take on a life of their own, and that.

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According to Trump’s Friday tweets, he thought about authorizing airstrikes but decided. In the Iran case, unlike in Syria, the United States faces the very real possibility of a regional war. This.

 · Drunk Talk Is Real Talk: The Science Behind What You Said Last Night. Oh God. Jesus Christ. No you’re not in church. You’re not witnessing a murder, and you’re definitely not having an orgasm. Those are just the words you utter during the morning recollections of last night. These are the words you’re whispering to yourself or shouting aloud as you lie in bed, hands over your face, trying to.

Looking at Mortgage Companies in Florida? Mistakes to Avoid – New Florida Mortgage Even as mortgage rates creep higher, there’s still time to dump your current mortgage rate for a lower one. But you don’t want to ruin your chance at a refinance by making a simple mistake. Here are.

One physical world, but billions of different internal worlds. Your thoughts appear only to you, and are not being heard by anyone else whatsoever. There is one physical world here on earth, but billions of different internal worlds. We are all in our own separate theaters, witnessing entirely different shows, and yet we behave as it we are in the same audience, watching the very same event we call life.

 · First Law: Thoughts create your reality – and destiny. Thus, it is your thoughts, and not events that cause your painful emotions or defensiveness. Your thoughts, and the underlying beliefs that drive them, literally, are the instructions your subconscious uses to.

You are speaking to your genes with every thought you have. The fast growing field of epigenetics is showing that who you are is the product of the things that happen to you in your life, which change the way your genes operate. Genes are actually switched on or off depending on your life experiences, and your genes and lifestyle form a.

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