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Face the facts. The First American Republic is over.. – Regulation of banks and stock brokerage firms – Protection of your bank account – Social Security – A minimum wage. As a liberal you learned to fight a two front battle – against the Republicans and against the bad guys in your own party.

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4–Banks Face Two-Front War on Bad Mortgages, Foreclosures, Bloomberg Excerpt: Shoddy mortgage lending has led bankers into a two-front war, pitting them against U.S. homeowners challenging the right to foreclose and mortgage-bond investors demanding refunds that could approach $200 billion.

Your best bets for fun – Jan. 20-22 Mortgage Masters Group curtain sulking: expedient brainwashes Cuomo was not clear which state agency would lead the program, but he said the state would develop a master plan and issue a request for proposals for a $2 billion "energy highway" that would take.

 · WORTH MORE THAN THE SUM TOTAL OF ENTIRE FORBES LIST — CAPT ajit vadakayil rothschild family, THE EX-OWNER OF BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY, and James who ran the Paris bank. Together they changed the face of history and became known throughout Europe as the Demon Brothers.. by provoking war then profiting from war loans and sales of.

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Documentation isn’t what stopped the foreclosures; fear of taxes did. The banks had already made hash of pooling the mortgages for the REITs at the heart of these investment plans, and a reasonable reading of the regs indicated that foreclosures were likely to further expose the trusts to tax penalties.

Big Dan’s Big News Oct 23, 2010.. Banks Face Two-Front War on Bad Mortgages, Flawed Foreclosures. 9/11 Blast Smoke Coming From Holes In West Face Of South Tower Before Impact NIST FOIA Ed peterman folder clips 3-14. Look at the direction of the smoke on the North Tower and look at the.

Click here for John Gittelsohn & Jody Shenn, "Banks Face Two-Front War on Bad Mortgages, Flawed Foreclosures," Bloomberg News. Click here for Peter Coy, Paul M. Barrett, and Chad Terhune, "mortgage mess: shredding the Dream," Bloomberg Businessweek. "When you say you lose a $1.5 million negotiable instrument–that doesn’t happen."

One of our mantras in white-collar criminology is: "if you don’t look, you won’t find."The Frontline documentary begins the process of explaining what those of us who are aware of what a real investigation is and what it requires have been saying for years — neither the Bush nor the Obama administration has been willing to conduct a real investigation of the elite banksters whose frauds.