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Perform calculations using the information. When calculating mortgage servicing right and CPRs, the formulas and calculations used are different depending on who is buying the loan, who is selling the loan, and the type of loan. There are other factors which influence the formulas, such as longterm economic outlook and history.

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Choose the best properties, try to determine repair costs, future tax costs and potential rental income once the property is ready to sale or lease. Or get a couple of real estate agents to give you ARV for the property. Based on these amounts make the county an offer for the property.

5 factors that will influence your property’s value – Home. – 5 factors that will influence your property’s value 28 feb 2017 accurate property value estimation is often considered an art as much as it is a science, it’s not always easy to pin down that mysterious ‘x-factor’ with hard statistics.

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 · The reason this is so important, as it will give you a guide as to how you should judge your property in the future. Overall, a valuation report must not be seen as a black and white statement on what the property is worth. There are so many factors that can influence the final figure that the report must be read in its entirety and be seen only as a guide to what you need to consider about the property.

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